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As of 2021 I am not taking on any web & design jobs due to other work commitments.

5 tips for writing effective social media posts

How do I get more likes?

How do I get people to share my posts?

These are questions I get asked a lot. You’re putting all this effort into social media but are getting no likes, no shares, no responses to all your hard work. 
You start losing momentum and wonder what the point of it is at all.

I hear you – it’s hard work, but with a few simple tips you can really turn things around and start enjoying the process a lot more and hopefully start generating more interest, gain more likes and followers.

  1. Add Value by informing, entertaining and educating

    Make sure you are following the 80/20 rule of 80% value and 20% sales when planning your social media posts & content.

    Too many people focus solely on the sales side of their business and wonder why people just scroll past. 

If you can add value to your potential clients by educating them, solving a problem or even entertaining them they will be more inclined to share or like your comment and will be more open and trusting to the sales posts you do add.

    Your posts should still be relevant to your target market, eg. A real estate agent might add posts about the local area, upcoming events, DIY advice and contractor profiles. Someone in the health and lifestyle industry might include posts such as healthy recipes, benefits of exercise, how to soothe a sore muscle, how to keep the bugs away…. The possibilities are endless


    When you start writing these sorts of posts you will probably find the work more rewarding and enjoyable – it feels nice helping people.

  2. Make a content plan & schedule posts

    The next thing people struggle with is finding time to post at all. It seems like such an easy thing, but it can become a real chore if you don’t have a regular plan of action. Make time each month to sit down for a few hours and draw up a content plan for the upcoming month.

    You can even write your posts for the month in advance, and schedule them to post automatically at your chosen time. With facebook you can easily schedule posts, but for Instagram and other social media you may need to download an app to assist and remind you, such as Hootsuite.

  3. Set your goals – and don’t rely on social media

    Your social media posts shouldn’t be your main goal or focus, and should compliment something else – perhaps your blog or your website.

    It’s important to remember that whatever you post on social media is outside of your control to a certain extent. The social network owns your content, they decide who can see your posts and can hold your wonderfully crafted posts hostage unless you pay up and “Boost” to your followers and their friends.

    What can be more successful at boosting business is posting all your content, information, resources to a blog based on your website and then link your blog post to social media from your website. Search engines favour sites that are updated frequently with relevant content so you will be rewarded on that front, plus anyone who views your post on social media will be taken to your website if they want to view the full post.

  4. Change your timing & check privacy settings

    Social media can be a frustrating beast – how do you know if your followers are even seeing your posts? As mentioned above, it’s important not to rely too much on social media, but there are a few things you can do to try and get more interactions. First things first, check your privacy settings and ensure you are set to public.

    Next you can try and experiment with timing – is there a certain time of day that seems to generate more engagement? You can google search for lots of different theories about when is the best time to post, but it can depend a lot on your target audience. If you are targeting mums with young children, you might find you get more interactions early in the morning or late at night.

  5. Quality not Quantity

    It’s tempting when setting up a new business to get excited and sign yourself up for every social media account available plus an e-newsletter template to boot, and before you know it you are feeling a little overwhelmed with it all. Only take on what you can genuinely manage to do well. If you’re only comfortable with Instagram, then focus on Instagram, and do it really well. Do what works for you and don’t try and do everything. Research the social networks that your target market is using most and go from there.


Still need help?

If you are still struggling, there are lots of online resources to help you get started and ideas for your target market. Alternatively you can pay someone to handle all your social media and blog posts for you. I work a lot with Lizzie Nunn of Little Upstart Copywriting and highly recommend her services and writing ability. Click here to go to her website