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As of 2021 I am not taking on any web & design jobs due to other work commitments.

DIY Websites – How hard can it be?

DIY Websites are hard

Have you tried to make your own website? Was it harder than you expected? You see the adverts everywhere. Make your own website, it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap. While these statements can be true, in my experience most people…

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Is WordPress just for blogs?

Isn't wordpress just for blogs?

Is Wordpress just for blogs? Not anymore. Learn more about how this common misconception took hold and the differences between and – the blog hosting service The misconception that Wordpress is just for blogs is a valid…

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How to plan a website

How to Plan A Website

How to plan a website So you need a shiny new website, but are unsure where to start? The weeks tick by and you’re no further into getting online. You get busy and before you know it another month has…

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Why do website prices vary so much?

Website Pricing - Lucy Jordanoff

Why does it cost so much to build a website? There are many different ways to make a website and it is important for you to understand your main website goals and requirements before deciding on your budget and which…

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Tips for planning a great website

Tips For Planning A Website

In life first impressions count and your website is no different In life, your first encounter with someone might be a conversation, a phone call or an introduction from a friend. You take time to engage and by the end…

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