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Signage - Lucy Jordanoff Portfolio


Margies Pro 2016

Working with Gravy Design Dunsborough I created around 25 large-scale event signs and banners as well as mockups for the overall signage plan.

The overall event branding (kangaroo, logos & event colour palette) was designed by WSL and given to us to work with.

Sign Design - Lucy Jordanoff

Samudra Signage

Colourful, vibrant and bold – that was my mission for the Samudra signage and branding whilst working there as in-house designer from 2009 – 2012. I created a large amount of signage and marketing materials for the cafe, events & expos.

Sign Design - Lucy Jordanoff

Dunsborough Rodeofest

Roadside banners for Dunsborough Rodeofest 2017.

Sign Design - Lucy Jordanoff


Builders sign for Sepp Hock of SustainabuildNow.

Sign Design - Lucy Jordanoff

Retreat Banner

Large pull-up event banner for Natural Beauty Retreat Dunsborough.

Sign Design - Lucy Jordanoff