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As of 2021 I am not taking on any web & design jobs due to other work commitments.
Struggling with website content writing

I’m struggling to write my website content – What are my options?

I know from experience in creating my own business website that it can be a real struggle finding the motivation to write the content. The biggest challenge is the fact that no one is telling you what to do and there is no client waiting for you to get the work done. It becomes very easy to lose motivation and get distracted by all the little things in life like Netflix, social media or even cleaning the house feels more appealing.

The simple truth is, it doesn’t have to be such a struggle to start creating the content for your website and once you start, you will most likely find that it wasn’t as hard as you thought it would be.

So here are some tips to get started:

  1. Write a list of pages you would like on your website

    Don’t worry about being perfect – you can always add or remove pages later. You might want the following pages on your website: Home page, About Page, Services, Blog, Contact Page + any other pages relevant to your business.

  2. Write a list of all your services and try and bullet-point the benefits that your services provide to the customer

    Eg. One of my services is Web Design – the benefits I provide are:
    – Helping clients communicate with their customers 24 hours per day
    – Helping clients promote and sell products and services
    – Helping clients build trust with their potential clients & customers
    – Helping clients to showcase their portfolio
    – Provide customer support & answer any questions
    – Simplify working processes

  3. Now go through each page of your website and bullet-point the main points you want mentioned for each page

    Eg. The about page bullet-points might be:
    – Introduction / brief biography
    – Relevant Qualifications
    – A couple of Testimonials
    – Meet the team (if relevant)

  4. Start Writing

    Once you have done all the planing notes you are already half way there. Now you can just pad out the content and start writing, but with a plan already in hand it should feel a lot easier to get started. If you are still struggling at this stage you can move on to the next option.

  5. Hire a copywriter

    This is a great option if you really struggle with writing. Now you have created your bullet-point notes about your business & services you’ll be able to hand this to your web designer or copywriter who will be able to turn your notes into keyword rich, persuasive content.
 If the writing you require is fairly simple, I can assist as part of my web design services, however if you need something really special I would recommend Lizzie Nunn of Little Upstart Copywriting.

I hope this helps you get started and please contact me if you would like some further advice.