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As of 2021 I am not taking on any web & design jobs due to other work commitments.
Tips For Planning A Website

Tips for planning a great website

In life first impressions count and your website is no different

In life, your first encounter with someone might be a conversation, a phone call or an introduction from a friend. You take time to engage and by the end of the encounter you have formed an impression of that person; you decide whether you trust them, whether they were friendly or someone you think you would like to see again or do business with.

In the online world, time is not your friend. A potential customer takes just a few seconds to form their opinion of your business, so it is very important to make that first encounter a good one. If they don’t find what they are looking for after a quick scan of your website they will likely be gone, in a flash.

Thankfully, there are many ways to make a good impression online and ensure your website meets your business goals.

1. Make it purpose driven
Each page on your site should serve a purpose and be beneficial to your target audience – start with why.

2. Use clean responsive designs
A good website avoids unnecessary clutter and is user-friendly & responsive to different screen sizes.

3. Focus on relevant content
Use relevant content that serves a purpose and has value. Keep paragraphs short and easy to skim read. Use bullet-points and images to break up text.

4. Build trust in your business
By describing how your services will benefit your customers. Provide testimonials, case studies and qualifications. Add value to your client’s experience of your business by providing them with some free, useful and relevant content, perhaps in a blog or through a regular e-newsletter.

5. Use simple navigation
Menu items should be clear and concise with easily recognised titles.

6. Fast Loading
A slow website is the fastest way to lose potential customers! Images and media should be optimised for web to keep file sizes small and quick to load. It also helps to choose a reputable web hosting company, as the cheaper options often lead to more headaches in the long run. My favourite Australian-based hosts are VentraIP & Net Registry.